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04 Nov 2011
HGV and Class VI mirrors

The Road Safety Authority is today, Friday 4th November announcing that all HGV’s with a DGVW (Design Gross Vehicle Weight) exceeding 7500kg, regardless of age must be fitted with Cyclops mirrors as of the 1st October 2012. The decision comes following a public consultation process and approval from the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport.

The fitment of a class VI front mirror, often called a Cyclops mirror, has the potential to reduce fatalities and serious injuries from collisions between HGVs, cyclists and pedestrians. In Ireland the number of such incidents is disproportionately high and in particular incidents involving older people.. In the twelve year period between 1996 and 2008, 21 deaths and 14 serious injuries can be attributed to the inability of a HGV driver to see the pedestrian / cyclist as they passed in front of the vehicle’s blind zone. At present only HGV’s registered after 2007 are obliged to have these safety enhancing mirrors, however many older HGV’s may already have a mirror fitted.

We are also reminding all cyclists to understand the dangers that exist when sharing the road with HGVs and to avoid placing themselves in the danger zone around HGVs. Pedestrians are reminded to use pedestrian crossings and to never cross in front of HGVs in stationary traffic. Detailed advice for cyclists and pedestrians is available at and a video on HGV and cycling Safety is also available.

S.I. No. 457 of 2011, Road Traffic (Driving Mirrors – Additional Requirements for Heavy Goods Vehicles) Regulations 2011 mandate the fitment of Class VI (front /Cyclops) mirrors to HGV’s with a DGVW (Design Gross Vehicle Weight) exceeding 7500kg. It will not apply to lighter HGV’s as they have lower profile cabs and generally have a clearer view of the area immediately in front. Mirrors on a HGV must comply with the requirements of Directive 2003/97/EC and must provide a clear view of the ground immediately in front of the vehicle.

From the 1st October 2012 the HGV annual roadworthiness test will be updated to include a check for conformance with the new regulations.

Further details are available at . Additional information is also available from or alternately at 096-25014.

For information contact: RSA Communications Department; 096 25008

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